Women's Day celebrations at IBA

March 04, 2022: Committed to building our nation's strength, the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), IBA celebrated International Women's Day and organized a meetup and networking event of women entrepreneurs.

The event was organized to acknowledge, facilitate and support Pakistani mompreneurs, who are looking after their families and simultaneously managing their startups. Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director IBA-CED highlighted the role of women in nation building as well as family development. Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director IBA appreciated womanhood and commended the efforts of women entrepreneurs during the event. He emphasized that without the contribution of women, we cannot progress.

A panel session was conducted to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs. Panelists were women from different walks of life, belonging to various sectors including, arts & crafts, clothing, handicrafts, food industry, academics etc. Women entrepreneurs shared their entrepreneurial journey and became a source of motivation for each other. This event was attended by more than 200 women entrepreneurs. IBA-CED promoted a culture of equality, inclusivity and diversity during the event. Esteemed guests included, Dr. Jan Muhammad, VC University of Turbat; Dr. Ghulam Jan, Director ORIC, University of Turbat; Naheed Ansari, Celebrity Chef; Peerzada M Rizwan, Director Cooking Master Pakistan; and Ms. Afshan Akram, CEO Designer Inn.

Dr. Qureshi announced the launching dates for Mothers Entrepreneurship Camp (MEC) from March 18-20, 2022. The key purpose of MEC is to help women step into the world of entrepreneurship while managing the challenges within their surroundings and their households. It encourages them to come out of their comfort zones, find their hidden potential, and play a vital role in building the society.

IBA-CED strives to continue enriching more lives with entrepreneurial principles and life management skills.