Life on Campus


If you ask any student about life at IBA, you will probably hear that it is high - pressure, speedy and relentless. Like any other top institution, the IBA demands a lot from its students - there is a reason why they are the crème de la crème. Students at the IBA find themselves striving to meet high expectations everyday. There are quizzes, reports, assignments, presentations, a lot of teamwork and no room for delays. There are, however, random days of recharging fun thrown in between the pressure - packed schedules. Life here is highly competitive, moves fast, and turn novices into tough, hardcore professionals. But, the IBA isn't just all work and no fun.

While IBA students are able to cope with a heavy workload and the stress it causes, they also know when to relax. The best thing about taking a break and having fun at the IBA is that it always involves everybody - there is no concept of isolation. To cater to students' diverse interests, there are separate clubs for every program offered at the IBA and each student of the respective program is a member of that club.