Graduate Programs

The IBA initially offered MBA program only for day scholars. In 1957, an evening program was launched to cater to the needs of working executives and managers who were interested in progressing their careers through business studies. Since obtaining a master's degree involves acquiring complex analytical and critical skills in a particular field, it allows students to develop specialized skills. Additionally, producing original work, including the writing and defense of a thesis or dissertation, is a major constituent of graduate studies. The MS degree is an untagged degree as the name of the major is excluded from the degree title, whereas MBA is a tagged degree. Over the years the MBA program has evolved significantly aided by a revamped curriculum. The MBA Executive Program was launched in 2009. This degree program has gained momentum among professionals of public and corporate sector of Pakistan. MBA Executive offers a wonderful opportunity to professionals to acquire a world class degree in Business Administration without leaving their jobs. The introduction of MS Computer Science and MS Economics in 2008 and 2010 respectively further diversified the streams of graduate programs and enabled graduate students to work outside their specific field of study at graduate level. On the other hand, the MS programs enable prospective applicants to enhance their long-term performance in the dynamic fields of Science and Economics. Aspirants of the graduate programs can expect a thoroughly transformational experience which will leave a lasting impact on their careers and professional intellect. The IBA Karachi offers MS Journalism, MS Islamic Banking and Finance and MS Management programs whereas MS Data Science and MS Finance programs have been recently launched.