Webinar on Future of public health, economics and politics in a post-lockdown world

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Getz Pharma, in its efforts to contribute to public health, initiated the first in a series of international live shows with subject experts from Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Kenya, in collaboration with our Social Media Partners (IBA, Habib University, IOBM, GIKI, Szabist, NUMS, KU and Dow University of Health Sciences). The aim of these live webinars is to provide a multi-sectoral platform where subject experts come together to discuss issues of public health, system strengthening, economic and government policies, environment, poverty, disparities within health systems, and policy reforms in the context of health.

Key take-away points from all the panelists:

1. Dr. Troy Gepte (Philippines) – We cannot be conclusive that COVID-19 is coming to an end, as new cases are still emerging. We are still very much in the battle, but we can learn from the gaps in our health systems to prepare for the future.

2. Dr. Phillip Muthoka (Kenya) – Governments around the world need to allocate more resources to healthcare, and a major proportion of funds should go to primary healthcare. We need to prepare better so we can avoid such future pandemic situations.

3. Dr. Saad Niaz (Pakistan) – Economy and health go hand in hand. If we have good health, we can have a good economy. Regardless of whether we are in the developing or developed world, in case of major health crises like COVID-19, humanity should rise above and countries should pool their resources to support each other across borders.