Webinar on "Checking Misinformation and Combatting Disinformation"

October 19, 2020: The Centre for Excellence in Journalism at IBA conducted an online webinar on "Checking Misinformation and Combatting Disinformation." The session was moderated by co-founder Bolo Bhi, Farieha Aziz. Panelists for the session were correspondent Al-Jazeera English, Asad Hashmi; co-founder Media Matters for Democracy (MMFD), Sadaf Khan and editor social media Independent Urdu, Saqib Tanveer.

The webinar focused on fake news, misinformation and how citizens can scrutinize and combat disinformation. Speaking at the webinar, Mr. Hashmi said, "International media houses have stringent fact checking policies in place compared to local media." Adding to the conversation, Mr. Tanveer said, "In Pakistan, only Newsline and Herald would fact check stories before publishing."

While expressing her views about social media and misinformation, Ms. Khan said, "Both Facebook and Twitter have different ways to deal with misinformation and disinformation."

The webinar concluded with Q&A session.