Undergraduate information sessions conducted for Fall 2022 semester

With schools and colleges reopened and the ‘new’ normal routine finally settling in, the IBA Karachi began its marketing and promotions for its undergraduate programs. The information sessions were a combination of virtual and in-person engagements with student counsellors and students. With a primary objective of creating awareness among student regarding undergraduate studies, the sessions also aimed at highlighting the legacy and significance of the IBA Karachi in shaping the educational landscape of Pakistan.

The past week had been extremely busy for the Marketing team as they engaged with A-Level Nixor College, Lyceum School, Highbrow College, Alpha College and St. Michael’s Convent School. The sessions encompassed various aspects of IBA, including the in-depth discussions of all six undergraduate programs, extracurricular activities, foreign exchange program and the life of an undergraduate student at the IBA Karachi in general. Executive Director IBA, Dr. S Akbar Zaidi; Dean, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Dr. Shakeel Khoja; Head of Testing, Dr. Sharjeel Hasnie; Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, Nudrat Kamal and Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Gautam Luhana, participated in these sessions and provided valuable information to the interested students.

The students displayed an eagerness to know more about the Institute and were highly enthusiastic during the Q&A session that followed the presentation. While students deemed these sessions as highly informative, the counsellors appreciated the efforts of the IBA Karachi for helping students make an informed decision about their further studies.