Students learn about the manufacturing process during a field trip to Deer Factory

February 25, 2022: Dr. Nida Aslam Khan, Program Coordinator, MS Marketing Program and Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, School of Business Studies (SBS) arranged a field trip to Deer Factory for the 'Marketing Issues in Pakistan' and 'Brand Management' course students.

Students experienced the manufacturing process of crayons, erasers, pens, pencils (wooden and plastic), plastic bottles and money boxes. Students also got the opportunity to learn about the organization's values, vision for the future, and its approach towards the market. Focusing on its own networking skills, this company has established itself as one of the most reputable companies in Pakistan particularly in stationery and is now also expanding its business in the food sector. Students also witnessed how the organization keeps itself different from other firms in the market through its quality and customised products.

The two-hour visit was a great learning experience for students.