Student Residences

The IBA Karachi provides hostel facility to its full-time, regular students from outside Karachi. Two hostels, one each for female and male students, are located within the premises of the University of Karachi. Both the hostels are secure spaces, guarded 24/7 by trained security professionals and through CCTV surveillance.

The hostels are spread over an area of 2.5 acres, surrounded by lush green lawns, trees, and gardens. The design of the hostels amalgamates the needs of modern urban living with sustainability, while vast and open corridors enable a pleasant and properly ventilated living space.

The IBA hostel life is a testimony to IBA's diversity and inclusivity. Residents come from all over Pakistan, as well as from other countries and bring with them different cultural, economic, social, and religious backgrounds to share a similar bond, which is their association with the prestigious institution and with each other. The IBA hostels provide an atmosphere where students can learn and develop life-long associations while enjoying a comfortable setting.

Residents' security is a top priority for the Institute and the hostels are guarded 24/7 by professional security personnel, with the entrance and exit points under constant CCTV surveillance. The IBA Girls hostel is a secure residential complex for the Institute's female students, managed by a female superintendent and a resident-warden. The hostel is located near the IBA campus with the facility of a regular shuttle service. The residents of both the hostels are encouraged to live like one big family, offering each other a helping hand wherever required and making their abode a home away from home. The hostel management makes tremendous efforts to provide the residents a clean, hygienic and congenial environment to facilitate this brief, but an integral part of their professional journey.

Discipline and compassion for fellows are two core values that the hostel management encourages and inculcates among the students. The hostels foster a sense of ownership among residents, enabling them to create memories that they cherish for years. The hostel management also encourages the hostel residents to participate in numerous cultural and social activities that are organized by the Hostel Society. Some of these include a welcome dinner for the hostel freshman batch, Eid-Milad-un-Nabi, Basant and Diwali celebrations, cricket and football tournaments, and farewell dinner for the hostel graduating batch.


All rooms are equipped with a smart wardrobe, study table with a drawer, and a single bed with a closet compartment for additional storage. Below are the details of the facilities available at the hostels:

  • Air-conditioned common rooms and TV lounges
  • Indoor gyms
  • Game room
  • Badminton court
  • Laundry room (self-service)
  • Multi-purpose rooms for extra-curricular activities and green spaces for outdoor sports and other activities
  • Air-conditioned dining halls
  • High-speed internet facility
  • Prayer room
  • Subsidized laundry services (for boys hostel)
  • Chilled water dispensers (potable water)
  • 24 hours tuck shop/vending machine
  • On-campus healthcare facility
  • On-campus mental wellness counsellor

Boys hostel

Capacity: 370
Single Rooms: 336
Shared Rooms: 7
Dormitories: 10

For queries, please contact:
Dr. Ashraf Khan
Superintendent (Boys Hostel)
Ext: 2326

Mr. Mujahid Hussain
Warden (Boys Hostel)
Ext: 2015

Girls Hostel

Capacity: 154
Shared Rooms: 71
Single rooms: 6

For queries, please contact:
Ms. Shabana Amirali Hamirani (City Campus)
Manager Administration
Ext: 2028

Ms. Ghulam Fatima (Main Campus)
Warden (Girls Hostel)
Ext: 2008

Ms. Mahwish Butt (Main Campus)
Assistant Manager, Admin (Girls Hostel)
Ext: 1817