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Nazish Kanwal

Nazish Kanwal
IBA Ph.D scholar co-authors paper on degree maps-induced gradation

Nazish Kanwal, a Ph.D. scholar of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at IBA, Karachi co-authored a research article with Dr. Junaid Alam Khan and Ms. Nazia Jabeen. The research article titled Standard Bases for Modules over Polynomial Subalgebras has been published in Communications in Algebra on July 25, 2020.

The link to the article is given here:

About the research article:
The theory of Standard Bases for Modules over Polynomial Subalgebras is based on arbitrary gradings (induced by an additive monoid Γ) termed as SΓ-bases. The paper discusses the degree maps which induces different gradation and give the notion of SΓ-normal form which is one of the key ingredients for the characterization and construction of these bases. Like Buchberger's algorithm, the scholars also proposed an algorithm for the construction of SΓ-bases by using syzygies.