SMCS alumni reunite at the IBA

March 15, 2023: More than 120 alumni and faculty came together for the first reunion hosted by the School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS), at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, on Wednesday.

Both recent and past graduates of the school were present at the event, which was attended by a large number of faculty and staff members.

The evening commenced with a welcome address by Dean SMCS, Dr. Shakeel Khoja. Executive Director IBA, Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, warmly welcomed the alumni back to their alma mater and said: “The IBA is known for imparting quality business education and our future will be defined as the providers of exceptional education in CS and related fields.”

Guest of Honor and Alumni Representative on the BoG, IBA, Muhammad Sohail, lauded the alumni community. “The IBA is known for its alumni and the tremendous work they have been doing since graduating.”

Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, SMCS, Dr. Shahid Hussain encouraged members of the alumni community to engage with the school. He urged the attendees to share their feedback about the program’s curriculum and help mentor the current SMCS students.

Dr. Zaidi and Dr. Khoja presented shields to current and former staff members in recognition of their services to the school and the IBA.

The aim behind this event was to create opportunities in the form of alumni mentorship program for the alumni to give back to its alma mater and the alumni expressed a keen interest towards this initiative.

The SMCS plans to hold similar events in the future to recognize and celebrate members of its growing community.