SESS organized a Mahfil-i Sama to celebrate the poetry of Amir Khusrau and the art of qawwali

January 30, 2023: The School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS), IBA in collaboration with the IBA Music Society organized a soul-stirring evening to celebrate the classic, traditional art of 'authentic' qawwali, and the world-famous poetry of Amir Khusrau. The event was hosted by SESS students Zain Farooqui (BS Economics) and Mohammad Ibrahim (MS Development Studies) and organised by SESS faculty Ms. Zahra Sabri.

Internationally-acclaimed qawwal, Subhan Ahmed Nizami (and brothers), who traces his ancestry to a direct disciple of Khusrau himself, won the audience's enthusiastic appreciation through his soulful rendition of romantic and spiritual verses in four languages – Persian, Urdu, Braj Bhasha, and Arabic.

Dean SESS, Dr. Asma Hyder and IBA Board of Governors member and SESS faculty Dr. Syed Jaffar Ahmed presented the qawwals with a token of appreciation from the IBA.

Students and faculty turned out for the event in significant numbers to enjoy and celebrate poetry in the pleasant winter air. The event ended with a convivial Annual Dinner for the SESS faculty.