SBS organized a faculty retreat fostering collaborative and active learning

December 12, 2022: School of Business Studies (SBS), IBA organized a faculty retreat for SBS faculty at a hotel in Karachi. Full time faculty members from the four departments of SBS came together for a School level retreat. Extensive collaboration, teamwork and embracing diversity and inclusion are critical for progress and this retreat played an instrumental role towards that goal.

The day started with segregated discussions of departmental progress and plans led by the respective Chairpersons including, Dr. Farah Naz Baig, Chairperson Marketing Department, Dr. Nyla Aleem Ansari, Chairperson Management Department, Dr. Sana Tauseef, Chairperson Finance Department and Mr. Haroon Tabraze, Chairperson Accounting and Law Department. Each department deliberated on various aspects of academic progress and reflected on the way forward. This was followed by a joint session headed by Dr. Abdullah Z. Sheikh, Dean SBS, where all the departments came together to converse on major milestones and challenges facing the school in areas of research, quality enhancement and accreditation procedures. All the faculty members actively participated in the discussion.

After lunch break the faculty members engaged in a meditative art workshop conducted by Mr. Adnan Syed, a renowned NLP Master Coach. The restorative session included various activities including breathing and meditation, sketching, painting and coloring to refresh and revive the senses. The day ended with faculty members enthusiastically participating in team building exercises and fun games. It was a very enjoyable and well-planned initiative that encouraged collaborative work and dialogue bringing the faculty members together in a meaningful manner and was much appreciated by all the attendees.