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Dr. Qaiser Munir

Prof. Dr. Qaiser Munir, Department of Economics, IBA Karachi, recently published a book with colleagues from Russia titled "Emerging Bond Markets Shedding Light on Trends and Patterns". The book is published by renowned international publisher Routledge (Taylor & Francis group). The publication looks at the dynamics of the development of emerging bond markets, their competitiveness, features and patterns using macro and micro level data. It also takes into consideration various securities type i.e. government, corporate, sub-federal and municipal bonds, to identify respective challenges and risks. The book also analyses factors that may inhibit or stimulate a well-balanced financial market. It includes case studies of Asian, Latin American and Russian bond markets, as also as cross-country comparisons.

Web link of the book: https://www.routledge.com/Emerging-Bond-Markets-Shedding-Light-on-Trends-and-Patterns/Teplova-Sokolova-Munir/p/book/9780367503970