Reunion of Class of 1991

The MBA Class of 1991 held a virtual roundtable to mark the establishment of a scholarship fund in their class' name. The class has pledged to donate Rs. 2 million to support a TCF alumnus/alumna at the IBA Karachi.

Mr. Nader Nanjiani, along with Ms. Azra Maqsood, Ms. Ghazala Nadeem, Ms. Huma Hameed, Mr. Nadeem Zafar, Mr. Qasim Habib, Mr. Zubair Elahi, Mr. Farhan Ahmed, Mr. Naveed Ahmed, and Mr. Aamir Maqbool met with Executive Director IBA, Dr. Akbar Zaidi, and Director Alumni Affairs and Resource Mobilization, Ms. Malahat Awan, over a video conference. The group discussed different aspects of their beloved alma mater and shared feedback.

Ms. Malahat welcomed the class and expressed gratitude to them for donating generously to the IBA Karachi. Mr. Nanjiani emphasized that the recent pandemic has made everyone more sensitive to the needs of others. After 30 years of graduation, having invested in their skill sets, careers, and families, the former classmates are now focused more on creating a legacy.

In the open discussion, Dr. Zaidi briefly told the class about the generational changes the IBA has gone through and also the future changes that they can expect, which includes having three schools within the institute: i) Business and Administration ii) Mathematics and Computer Studies and iii) Economics and Social Studies. The class emphasized the need for developing skills of students in digitization and linkage with the industry in the development of the curriculum.

Dr. Zaidi further elaborated that IBA arranges an annual ICLAB (IBA Corporate Leaders' Advisory Board) meeting with the CEOs and Heads to get feedback on the quality of its graduates. Similarly, almost everyone in the visiting faculty is an industry professional, imparting knowledge based on their own vast experiences. Dr. Zaidi said that IBA is catching up now with development in its faculty, teaching, soft skills, and research.

The class will stay in touch with the Institute and help students in getting better education by being there for them, in terms of financial aid, mentoring and any other aspect they see fit.