'Nazish Iqbal Endowment Fund' set up to support deserving students

April, 2021: The IBA Karachi is pleased to announce that Mina Omar, Usman Omar and Mishaal Omar, children of Nazish Iqbal (Class of 1990) have established the 'Nazish Iqbal Endowment Fund' in remembrance of their mother, who passed away recently in the United Kingdom. She was passionate about both charitable giving and education, and cherished her time at IBA.

The Fund will support financially underprivileged students enrolled at the IBA Karachi and they are looking to raise PKR 8 million. As such, they would like to reach out and connect with Nazish's classmates as well as the wider IBA community for this noble cause.

If you are interested in donating, please get in touch via email or WhatsApp. You can make a contribution whether you are based in Pakistan or abroad (via credit/debit card or bank transfer). Thank you for your generosity.

Contact details:
Malahat Awan - mawan@iba.edu.pk
Malahat Awan - 0092302-8711414
Waqas Saleem - mwsaleem@iba.edu.pk
Zafar Nazim (Husband of Nazish) +447584419698
Mina (Daughter of Nazish) minaonazim@gmail.com