IBA Karachi participates in Alpha College Education Fair 2021

With semblance of normalcy beginning to return to the educational landscape in the city, higher educational institutes are getting increasingly active in promoting their undergraduate programs to students in A-Level institutions. The IBA Karachi has begun its search for quality students and in a continued attempt to further its brand name, the marketing team represented the institution at the Alpha College Education Fair 2021.

The event brought together more than 30 local and international educational institutions to showcase their undergraduate and graduate academic programs. The networking event was well organized and the IBA Karachi stall, in particular, generated a tremendous amount of interest. Eager students from the A-Levels and senior O-Levels grades flocked to the stall to get valuable information about the undergraduate academic programs on offer at the institute.

Many of the students had queries related to the IBA aptitude test, employability prospects after graduation and financial assistance. Quite a few of the students had already applied to the institute for the Round 1 admissions so they were eager to know more about the undergraduate programs in greater detail. While this event proved to be another healthy platform to engage with students, it was also an ideal opportunity to meet with other university representatives, to share information and discuss educational endeavors for the betterment of Pakistan.