IBA Karachi organized an MS Marketing Open House titled 'The Untapped Potential of Market Research'

March 11, 2023: School of Business Studies (SBS), IBA Karachi organized an open house for MS Marketing featuring a discussion on 'The Untapped Potential of Market Research'. The session was attended by the IBA faculty, staff, and undergraduate students.

Panelists included, Ms. Mishal Aziz, Business Development Manager, L'Oreal Pakistan, and Mr. Fahad Anwer Chishti, Marketing Manager, and Outreach Services, Tabba Heart Institute. The session was moderated by Dr. Nida Aslam Khan, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, MS Marketing, SBS, IBA.

The session commenced with the introduction of the panelists and was carried forward by Dr. Nida highlighting the potential of MS Marketing. She answered various queries in detail and kept the audience engaged by sharing pertinent insights about the program.

Mr. Fahad emphasized the importance of research in the marketplace and said 'Market research is very important in all industries and failures are expensive'. Discoursing the challenges of marketing research in the context of the health field, he stated 'Research is expensive in health care and people rely on family opinions and recommendations'. He also spoke about the technology adaptation in his field and honored IBA for introducing the program and imparting the value of marketing research.

Ms. Mishal, a neuro marketer explained how neuro marketing works for digital, advertising and trade marketing. She also emphasized the importance of marketing research and inquired a few important questions including, 'Why do we need to have this program? What is IBA offering and what is its potential in the future'. She reiterated that there are many challenges in marketing research, defining qualitative and quantitative research and how the algorithms of neuro marketing work to keep the customers engaged. She praised the younger talent, especially Generation Z and expressed her hopes towards better marketing research in Pakistan.

An engaging Q&A session ensued, the event concluded with mentos distributed among the panelists by Dr. Farah Naz Baig, Assistant Professor and Chairperson Marketing Department, SBS, IBA.