IBA Karachi hosted a Jang Forum on 'IMF: Problem or Solution?'

September 06, 2022: The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi hosted a Jang Forum titled 'IMF: Problem or Solution?', organized by Daily Jang. The speakers at the forum included Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director, IBA; Syed M. Shabbar Zaidi, Former Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue; and Mr. Arif Habib, Chairman, Arif Habib Limited. The host of the forum was Mr. Muhammad Akram Khan, Editor, Jang Forum Karachi.

The discussion was centered around how it is not viable for any country to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for solutions, but given Pakistan's economic position, an agreement with the IMF was inevitable.

Highlighting a few of the grave challenges faced by the country, the speakers commented on Pakistan's critical foreign exchange problem, current account deficit, rising inflation due to strict conditions of the IMF, high electricity and petrol prices which have made the lives of citizens miserable.