IBA Karachi holds information session at St. Joseph’s College for Women

October 29, 2021: IBA’s Marketing team visited St. Joseph’s College for Women for the first time and held an engaging information session with the students. With a primary objective of creating awareness among students regarding undergraduate studies, the session also highlighted the legacy and significance of the IBA Karachi in shaping the educational landscape of Pakistan.

Executive Director IBA, Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, accompanied by Chairperson, Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Department, Dr. Sahar Nadeem and Head of Marketing and Communications, Ayesha Javed, spoke at length with the female students and provided awareness about life at IBA including the programs on offer, academic rigour, financial assistance, alumni network and co-curricular activities. Dr. Zaidi invited the students to visit the Main Campus for a campus tour to experience the state-of-the-art facilities that IBA had to offer. Dr. Nadeem gave an in-depth description of the Social Sciences program, outlining all the majors offered as well as the different types of courses students could benefit from. There were more than 120 students in attendance and they listened attentively, remaining disciplined throughout the session.

The students displayed an eagerness to know more about the Institute and were highly enthusiastic during the Q&A session. The principal of the College, Sr. Julie Pacheco, appreciated the IBA Karachi for visiting the College, providing valuable information and guidance and helping the students make an informed decision about their further studies.