IBA faculty team co-winners of ERASMUS + 2020 grant for cybersecurity

The IBA Karachi is pleased to announce that the faculty team from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts have been declared as co-winners of the EU funded project, titled "Rethinking Cybersecurity in Pakistan - Human Factors". The faculty members include Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi, Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Science and Department of Management, and who is also the Project Director, ReCyP:HER – IBA Karachi, Dr. Faisal Iradat, Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Science, Dr. Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Chairperson – Department of Social Sciences and Dr. Zaheeruddin Asif, Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Science.

The EU grant of €1 million, provided through ERASMUS+ 2020, will be shared by a consortium of four Pakistani universities, including the IBA Karachi, NUST, LUMS and the Air University along with Boğaziçi University, Turkey and Saarland University, Germany; being the lead university. The project aims at uplifting the potential of Pakistani HEIs in the area of cybersecurity to produce highly employable graduates, by adopting a threefold approach: Updating courses in cybersecurity, integrating an interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity in Pakistan for the first time, and creating a stronger linkage between universities and industry through creating a cybersecurity awareness center, which serves as a teaching, training, exploring and awareness platform for students and professionals alike.

The project commenced on January 1, 2021, having a total duration of three years. Under this project a Cybersecurity centre will be established at IBA Karachi, where research and training on human factors of cybersecurity will be conducted.

For more information on this project: https://recypher.eu/ and https://recypher.iba.edu.pk/