IBA Executive Director hosts dinner in honour of Dr. Ishrat Husain

Discussion on strengthening the IBA brand
Exploring avenues of cutting-edge research and industry-academia linkages

September 2, 2020: The Executive Director, IBA Karachi, Dr. S Akbar Zaidi hosted a dinner in honour of Dr. Ishrat Husain, Advisor to the PM on Government Reforms and Austerity in Islamabad.

The dinner was attended by Dr. Naheed Shah Durrani, Federal Secretary, Climate Change, and a member of the IBA Board of Governors, Dr. Muhammad Asad Ilyas, Registrar, faculty, and staff members.

Dr. Husain spoke to the group about how important it was to invest in infrastructure and faculty development during his era as Dean and Director of the IBA. He emphasized the need to strengthen the research output of the IBA and to ensure that IBA keeps its competitive edge in the market. He also stressed on the importance of industry and academia linkages for an institution to stay relevant.

Dr. Zaidi shared his vision about bringing improvement at the IBA and appreciated the role Dr. Husain played in strengthening the brand image of the IBA.

The members of the faculty and staff shared anecdotes from Dr. Husain's era, apprised him of the latest developments at the IBA and wished him success in his present role.