IBA-CED successfully concluded the 7th IBA International Entrepreneurship Summer School

August 03 - August 15, 2022: The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) successfully concluded the 7th IBA International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS)-2022. It was a 10-day program designed to impart the knowledge of entrepreneurship from a South Asian perspective, while submerging into the cultural richness of Pakistan through lectures and hands-on experiential pedagogy.

35 participants including one student from Afghanistan attended this program. Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director, IBA Karachi graced the occasion on the opening day. Azad Ahmed, Acting Head CED shared the journey of starting IESS in 2016. He gave an overview about the demographics of participants and introduced national as well as international faculty members of IESS 2022. Dr. Zaidi appreciated the participants for selecting the entrepreneurship course as this is one of the avenues for economic development of Pakistan. He appreciated the efforts of IBA-CED which offers programs for all segments of society to create entrepreneurs who are ethically, socially and environmentally sensitive. 

The 10-day program included renowned names from academia and industry, who shared insights and distinct international experiences. Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Rector, GIFT University and Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship, was the lead faculty for IESS 2022. He also served IBA-CED as Program Director for twelve years. Dr. Khurram Sharif from Qatar University, Dr. Ulrike Guelich from Bangkok University School of Entrepreneurship and Management, Thailand, and Mr. Ovais Vohra- Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey contributed as international faculty for IESS 2022. 

During various modules of IESS 2022, the participants were able to comprehend the concepts of entrepreneurship by our foreign faculty on the topics of ‘Design thinking for new venture creation’, ‘Entrepreneurial marketing for small businesses’, ‘Social and Youth Entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific / Female Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Failure and Success’. The IBA faculty also taught during the program, including, Dr. Muhammad Ayaz, Dr. Imran Khan, Dr. Waheed Umrani, Dr. Kamran Mumtaz, and Mr. Yaseen Ahmed Meenai. The guest speakers from the industry also shared practical examples of starting and growing a business.