IBA Aman CED and IBA CEIF jointly conducted Training (Phase II) of Invent 2022

January 13 - 16, 2023: IBA Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) and IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF) jointly conducted the 4-day online training of Invent 2022 for the selected 59 startups. The program began with the introductory remarks of Dr. Amber Gul Rashid, Assistant Professor, School of Business Studies (SBS).

The welcome note was given by Dr. Lalarukh Ejaz, Director Aman CED and Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship & Economics IBA Karachi. She welcomed the participants and commended the IBA Aman CED and IBA CEIF team for successfully pulling off this huge event. She congratulated the startups’ participants on becoming part of the phase two of Invent 2022. She further explained that the objective of Invent is to provide an opportunity to entrepreneurs to polish their entrepreneurship skills through entrepreneurship training by IBA faculty and trainers.

Day one and day four of the training were conducted by Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). The first session was by Ms. Kanza Sohail, Lecturer, SBS on “Entrepreneurial Mindset”. She gave a detailed overview on effectual model of entrepreneurship. The second session of the day was conducted by Dr. Saima Husain, Assistant Professor and Director QEC on “Marketing your startup”. In this session she holistically covered the important aspects of marketing necessary for startups.

Day two and day three of the trainings were conducted by the trainers of IBA Center for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF). The day started with a training by Mr. Ahmed Ali Siddiqui, Director, IBA CEIF who conducted an informative session on “Overview of Islamic ethics” and “Ethical and sustainable business model”. Another session was conducted by Mr. Jawad Tehsin on “Islamic and ethical marketing”. Third day of the training was conducted by Mufti Abu Bakr on “Rule and contract of sales” and Musharakah and its rules. The last session of the day was conducted by Mr. Shariq Ahmed Khan on “Islamic modes of financing”.

Day four of the training was about “Finance for Startups” which was conducted by Mr. Sohaib Ahmed. He explained the process of financial modeling for developing financial feasibility for a startup. The last session was conducted by Ms. Sohail in which she demonstrated the participants on how to make a Business Model for their startups. Later, she described in detail about the preparation for rocket pitch. An interactive Q&A session was also conducted by Ms. Sohail in which she answered all the queries of the participants regarding pitch deck to prepare themselves for the next phase of Invent 2022.

In the end Dr. Ejaz gave the concluding remarks with a note of thanks to the trainers and the organizing team and expressed her best wishes for the participants.