IBA Alumni and Placement Society and CDC hold the first-ever Virtual Career Fair

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi held its first-ever Virtual Career Fair on March 17, 2021. The Career Fair was organized by the Alumni and Placement Society, in collaboration with the IBA Career Development Centre. Owing to the pandemic, the organizers chose to hold the event virtually so that students and alumni would not be deprived of a much-awaited opportunity. The event was a success and featured 53 employers with 9,000+ students and alumni registering for the event, with an on-day footfall of 6,000+.

The companies in attendance this year were from a variety of industries, including 9 firms from banking sector, 7 companies from e-commerce sector, 6 software development houses and many more.

The event was held using a custom built Vfair platform which has previously been used by prestigious institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The platform allowed employers to make use of its multifaceted features such as the auditorium for webinars and the exhibition halls for their booths. The fair featured webinars from Aga Khan University, Dawood Hercules Corporation, Jazz and Northbay.

Students comments about the program suggested that the experience was like none other and the ease of use allowed them to apply for jobs safely from the comfort of their homes. Career counselling sessions were also held to facilitate students in deciding what they wanted out of the future. On campus students were aided by members of the Alumni and Placement society and multiple labs were designated for students who wished to access the event on campus.

The event was sponsored by companies including Foodpanda as a Gold Sponsor, Lays as a silver Sponsor, Nelson Paints and Vouch365 as Gift Partners, Geo, Jang and Interlink MultiMedia as Media Partners, Bayer as the Learning Partner and Pie in the Sky as a Hi-Tea Partner.

To understand more about the Virtual Career Fair: https://youtu.be/14m_ODl1H8w