PKR 1.2 billion
financial aid to around 4,000 students between 2016-21
of students
received financial assistance in the academic year 2020-2021
Around 700 students received Rs.114 million as stipends from on-campus internships between 2016-21
40% increase in Financial Assistance Budget for 2021-22

At the IBA, we believe that financial limitations should not be a hindrance towards access to quality education. Having a long and formidable record of providing extensive financial and non-financial support to its students, the IBA will not only continue this tradition but also further enhance its contribution to deserving students in the wake of the pandemic.

  • The IBA has increased Financial Assistance Budget for the upcoming academic year 2021-22 by 40%.
  • This will cover around 30% of the full-time students under IBA Financial Assistance Programs, including scholarship awards ranging from 25% to 100% of Tuition Fee, depending on the need level assessed by the Financial Assistance Committee.

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