Faculty Profile

Dr. Gulnaz Anjum

Associate Professor

Department: Social Sciences

Specialization: Psychology

Onboard Status: Available

Email: ganjum@iba.edu.pk

Work Experience

  • Associate Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Jul-2020 to PRESENT)
  • Assistant Professor Social Sciences & Liberal Arts at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Aug-2016 to Jul-2020)
  • Assistant Professor (Interim Placement) at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (Feb-2016 to Aug-2016)
  • Visiting Research Fellow at University of Kent at Canterbury (May-2015 to Aug-2015)
  • Assistant Social Work at One to World (Sep-2010 to Dec-2012)
  • Senior Research Executive at Oasis Insights Pakistan (Jan-2010 to Aug-2010)

Academic Qualification

  • PhD (Psychology), University of Jena, Germany - 2015
  • Masters (Psychology), New School, New York City, USA - 2012
  • MPhil (Psychology), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad - 2010

Research Interests

  • Psychology

Courses Taught


Research Output

Journal Publication(s)

  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Women’s Activism in Pakistan: Role of Religious Nationalism and Feminist Ideology Among Self-Identified Conservatives and Liberals.",Open Cultural Studies,Feb 27, 2020,Germany,Berlin
  • Juveria Furrukh, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Coping with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Pakistan: A phenomenology of mothers who have children with ASD.",Cogent Psychology,Feb 16, 2020,England,London
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Adam Chilton, Zahi Usman ,"United Nations Endorsement and Support for Human Rights: An Experiment on Women’s Rights in Pakistan",Journal of Peace Research,Jun 11, 2020,Norway,Oslo
  • Dr. Amana Raquib, Dr. Omar Javaid, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Creation of the Islamic Self for Sustainability: Can Muslim Entrepreneurship Positively Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through Tazkiya (Self-Restraint) and Tarbiya (Self-Discipline) of the Muslim Youth",Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM),Dec 30, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Werner Gueth ,"Becoming Generous and Respecting Honor: An Experiment Based on Donation and Trust-Game with Multiple Trustees",IBA Business Review,Dec 31, 2019,Pakistan,Karachi
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Armeen Godil, Albert Sabater ,"Fear of Achievement Among Young Women in Urban Pakistan: A Phenomenological Analysis of Fear of Achievement (FOA)",Cogent Social Sciences,Oct 03, 2019,England,London
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Thomas Kessler, Mudassar Aziz ,"Cross-Cultural Exploration of Honor: Perception of Honor in Germany, Pakistan, and South Korea",Psychological Studies,Jun 03, 2019,England,London
  • Quddsia Sadaf, Mudassar Aziz, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Role of Organizational Culture in Psychological Needs Satisfaction: Yielding Work Engagement among Public & Private Sector Managers",IBA Business Review,May 31, 2019,Pakistan,Karachi
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Mudassar Aziz, Emanuele Castano ,"The Role of Fulbright Program in Building Positive Perception and Ally Image of the U.S. Among Pakistani Scholars",Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research,Apr 01, 2019,Pakistan,Islamabad
  • Milan Obaidi, Robin Bergh, Nazar Akrami, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Group-Based Relative Deprivation Explains Endorsement of Extremism Among Western-Born Muslims",Psychological Science,Mar 15, 2019,United States,New York
  • Maham Khalid, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Use of Remedial Teaching Approaches for Dyslexic Students: Experiences of Remedial Teachers Working in Urban Pakistan",Cogent Psychology,Feb 19, 2019,England,London
  • Amna Ahmad, Mudassar Aziz, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Farah Wanchoo Mir ,"Intimate Partner Violence and Psychological Distress: Mediating Role of Stockholm Syndrome",Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research,Dec 10, 2018,Pakistan,Islamabad
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Anila Kamal, Sania Bilwani ,"Antecedents of Gender Gap in Workforce Participation: A Phenomenology of Psychologists and Medical Doctors in Urban Pakistan",Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment,Dec 03, 2018,England,
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, David Comer Kidd, Mudassar Aziz ,"Hope in Times of Terrorism: Action-Expressions Speak Louder than Passive-Sorrows",Journal of Behavioral Sciences,Oct 15, 2018,Pakistan,Lahore
  • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Mudassar Aziz, Adam Chilton, Zahid Usman ,"Gender Beliefs and Action Tendencies for Women's Rights: Impact of National vis-a-vis International Policy Recommendations",Journal of Development Policy, Research, and Practice,Jan 02, 2018,Pakistan,Islamabad
  • Anum Urooj, Anis-ul Haque, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Perception of Emotional and Sexual Infidelity among Married Men and Women",Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research,Jul 01, 2015,Pakistan,Islamabad
  • Steve Loughnan, Koji Tsuchiya, Silvia Fernandez-Campos, Jeroen Vaes, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Mudassar Aziz, Chika Harada, Elise Holland, Indramani Singh, Elisa Puvia ,"Exploring the Role of Culture in Sexual Objectification: A Seven Nations Study",International Review of Social Psychology,Jun 05, 2015,France,Paris



    • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Emanauele Castano, Mudassar Aziz ,"Reparations to the Victims of US Drone Strikes: Youth Perspective from Pakistan. (pp.245-249). Lahore, Pakistan",in: Aneel, Sarah S., Haroon, Uzma T., & Niazi, Imrana (eds) 'Securing Peace and Prosperity',Jan 01, 2017,Pakistan,Lahore


    • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Role of Media Consumption, Governmental Distrust, and Psychological Vulnerability in Predicting Affective Well-being of Students during COVID-19 in Pakistan",Harnessing Political Psychology to Find Solutions to Problems - 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP),Jul 14, 2020,Germany,Berlin
    • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Nausheen H. Anwar ,"Living under the Threat of Evictions: A Phenomenology of Vulnerability, Stress, and Community Disruption",2nd International Conference: Preventative Strategies in Clinical Psychology,Mar 14, 2019,Pakistan,Lahore
    • Mashal Zehra, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"The Role of Spirituality, Gratitude and Materialism Life Satisfaction of Young Adults",2nd International Conference: Preventative Strategies in Clinical Psychology,Mar 14, 2019,Pakistan,Lahore
    • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"Urbanization and Climate Security",3rd Planetary Security Conference # Doable (PSC 2019),Feb 19, 2019,Netherlands,The Hague
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    • Arabella Fraser, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Vera Bukachi, Nuha Eltinay, Amilcar Kraudie ,"Urbanisation and Climate Security: Towards Integrated Approaches for Cities",Policy Brief - Planetary Security Initiative,Feb 27, 2020,Netherlands,The Hague
    • Adam Abdullah, Maheen Arif, Soha Macktoom, Arsam Saleem, Muhammed Toheed, Dr. Nausheen Hafeeza Anwar, Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Amiera Sawas ,"Why the Covid-19 Crisis is an Urban Crisis",Prism (Dawn),Apr 14, 2020,Pakistan,Karachi
    • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum ,"'Imran Khan Should Think of our Daughters' - The Trauma of Eviction Experienced by Women is Hardly Discussed",Dawn.Com - Opinion: https://www.dawn.com/news/1447774,Nov 28, 2018,Pakistan,Karachi
    • Dr. Gulnaz Anjum, Adam Chilton ,"Using Experiments to Improve Women's Rights in Pakistan",Open Global Rights,May 03, 2017,England,London
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