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Dr. Shahid Hussain

Published Works
Dr. Shahid Hussain
IBA Faculty co-authored a book titled 'Decision Trees with Hypotheses'

Dr. Shahid Hussain, Assistant Professor and Chairperson Computer Science, School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS) co-authored a book titled 'Decision Trees with Hypotheses'.

The book explores the concept of hypothesis by adding it to the standard decision tree model commonly used in test theory and rough set theory. This extension lets one use the analog of equivalence queries from exact learning and explore decision trees that are based on various combinations of attributes, hypotheses, and proper-hypotheses (similar to proper-equivalence queries). The book aims to provide tools for the experimental and theoretical study of decision trees with hypotheses and to compare these new decision trees with conventional decision trees.

The experimental and theoretical results presented in this book show that decision trees with hypotheses can be computationally more efficient than the conventional decision trees. These results open some prospects for using decision trees with hypotheses as a means of the knowledge representation and as the algorithms for computation of Boolean functions. The obtained theoretical results and tools are useful for researchers who employ decision trees and rules for data analysis. This book also provides a basis for a graduate course on the topic of decision trees with hypotheses.

The book can be accessed here.