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Dr. Abdullah Z. Sheikh

Research Publication
IBA faculty co-authors a paper on labour market dichotomy

Dr. Abdullah Z. Sheikh, Associate Professor, Department of Management, co-authors a research paper "Dodgy Labour Market Dichotomy: The Repercussions of Sneaky Labour Intermediaries on Employees' Constitutional Rights" Labor History, which was published in A category (ABDC) & W category (HEC) accredited journal.



The flexibility inherent in temporary agency work allows employers to cut labour cost in a variety of ways. Recurring themes in the employment literature draw attention to the duality of the labour market rooted in type-of-contract segmentation. This duality in the labour market carries with it a number of undesirable consequences. Drawing on qualitative data from six case studies in Pakistan, this paper reports on an in-depth study of deceitful labour market intermediaries, through which employers attempt to bypass statutory obligations concerning workers' constitutional rights. A case study inquiry, based on qualitative interviews, suggested that the agencies were 'created' or 'arranged' to illustrate indirectness of employment relationship by misclassifying effectively permanent employees as 'agency workers'. The evidence points towards a growing trend for agencies to be, simply, a sham arrangement. This study broadens our comprehension about the nature of temporary agency employment and subsequent labour market duality in Pakistan, beyond the traditional functional model of legitimate labour market intermediaries. Precarious work in Pakistan, a large and growing economy, shares many features in common with the rest of the world. These findings offer useful policy and social implications for national and multinational companies.

Dr Abdullah Z. Sheikh – Publications in Academic Year 2019-2020

Journal Papers

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Book Chapter

Umrani, W, Shaikh, S, Sheikh, A, Khuwaja, M and Memon, P (2020) APS: A Decision Dilemma in Case studies on Contemporary Practices in Management and HR Martison Publishers, United Kingdom, pp.119-128, DOI: 10.33166/978-1-9163014-0-5/c13

Conference Paper

Arain, G, Hameed, I, Umrani, W and Sheikh, A (2019) "Whether and How Subordinates Passively Respond to Top-Down Knowledge Hiding in Organizations" Academy of Management Proceedings Vol. 2019, No. 1, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, USA, August