Experts from Amazon and National Incubation Center enlighten students

February 10, 2022: Adnan Ahmed, Visiting Faculty, Department of Marketing, School of Business Studies, organized a guest speaker session for Sales Management MBA students. Nader Nanjiani, Product Marketing leader for Amazon Web Services, and Andeel Ali, Head of Monitoring & Evaluation department at National Incubation Center, Karachi were the guest speakers who joined via zoom. The topics covered were 'Understanding and managing the sales process in high tech B2B organizations' and 'Evolving start up culture in Pakistan'.

Mr. Nanjaini, who is based in USA, spoke about the unique culture of Amazon, how it affects the overall performance of employees and helps them in delivering their objectives. This unique culture is not limited to its internal environment, but it also impacts how Amazon deals with its customers and suppliers. Mr Nanjiani spoke about Amazon's leadership principles and the four factors influencing the retention of the customers step by step, from potential to professional development, opportunities, and access. He also stressed as to how Amazon delivers cloud computing capabilities using its platform.

Mr. Ali explained what a start-up is and how the new generation can opt to have a career with new ideas. He also briefed the class as to how seed funding can be arranged. He stressed the fact that entrepreneurship can be learned and one doesn't necessarily have to be born with the inherent skills. Suggestions were also given by the class for the NICL to issue a white paper for the incubatory procedure for startups.