Executive Director IBA visits Tapal Tea Head Office

September 19, 2022: Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director IBA visited Tapal’s Head Office to meet the alumni working at Tapal and other members of the Tapal Management team. He was accompanied by Malahat Awan, Director Corporate Affairs and Alumni affairs, IBA.

Maimoona Rehmatullah, Manager, Learning and Development, Tapal, welcomed and thanked the guests for visiting.

Dr. Zaidi spoke to the staff and management about Pakistan’s current economic landscape and its opportunities and challenges. He explained that one of the biggest challenges that Pakistan is facing is inflation and the rise of dollar against other currencies. He said that stable political process, economic sovereignty, and good governance are the need of the hour. He also stressed upon the need to develop trade ties with our neighbors. Furthermore, he stated that the IT export potential in Pakistan needs to be harnessed further and spoke about the role of the academia to prepare the work force for the future. His talk was followed by a highly interactive Q&A session.

Around 100 employees attended the session, both physically and virtually. Amra Mubashir, Head of Human Resources, Tapal, appreciated the efforts of IBA management in transforming the institute not only in terms of its infrastructure but also with regards to launching relevant and futuristic programs.

Malahat Awan in her remarks said that ‘INVITE IBA’ is part of IBA’s initiative to stay connected with their alumni. She emphasized the need for alumni to give back to their alma mater through their time, expertise, feedback, and financial assistance.