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Dr. Wajid H. Rizvi

Insight for Practitioners
IBA Faculty introduces a new term "Brand Visual Eclipse (BVE)" based on eye-tracking data

Insight for Practitioners

Dr. Wajid H. Rizvi, Dean of School of Business Studies (SBS) and Head of the Neuro-marketing Lab, investigates overshadowing effect of a celebrity in his latest study. The term 'Brand Visual Eclipse (BVE)' is coined and the BVE occurs when brand fixation spent is minimal of the celebrity fixation spent. High BVE occurs when brands receive less than or equal to twenty percent fixation spent of the celebrity; moderate BVE occurs when the brand receives more than twenty percent and less than or equal to eighty percent fixation spent of the celebrity fixation spent and low BVE occurs when brand receive more than eighty percent fixation spent of the celebrity fixation spent. Two product categories were analyzed (Detergent Bar Brand and Mobile Brand), based on eye tracking data, the results suggest that high eclipse was observed in both categories. The BVE can be used as an advertising effectiveness indicator based on biometric data. The data was collected (n = 30) using Tobii-X30 Hz and was analyzed using iMotions biometric platform.

For more details on this study, please click: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-28144-1_33

Dr. Rizvi is a well-published author, with his work having been cited by renowned journals such as Psychology and Marketing and Journal of Business Research.

Dr. Rizvi undertakes consultancy projects and engages in rigorous qualitative and quantitative data analysis in various fields including marketing, performance assessment and user experience. Within the scope of neuro-marketing, Dr. Rizvi is working on the advertising effectiveness index using biometric sensors, such as eye tracking, skin conductance and facial response.