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Dr. Ubedullah Khoso and Dr. Asim Qazi

Published Works
IBA faculty members co-author a paper on understanding the effectiveness of scarcity appeals in cross-cultural settings

Assistant Professors, Department of Marketing, School of Business Studies (SBS), Dr. Ubedullah Khoso and Dr. Asim Qazi co-authored a research paper titled 'Scarcity Appeals in Cross-Cultural Settings: A Comprehensive Framework to Understand the Effectiveness of Scarcity Appeals in Cross-Cultural Settings', published in the Journal of International Marketing (ABS 3, ABDC A).

This research investigates the effectiveness of scarcity appeals in marketing across different cultures, considering cultural factors such as self-concept, need for uniqueness, and susceptibility to normative influence. The study investigates the impact of culture on scarcity appeals by examining the role of product visibility and conducting experimental research with participants from Pakistan and France. The findings reveal that demand-based scarcity appeals are more effective in Eastern cultures, while supply-based appeals are more effective in Western cultures, with greater influence observed for highly visible products. The research also highlights the mediating role of self-concept, susceptibility to normative influence, and need for uniqueness in explaining the cultural effects on scarcity appeals. These findings provide valuable insights for marketing practitioners and suggest avenues for further research in this area.

The article can be accessed here.