CDC organizes a study tour at Karachi Port Trust

February 03, 2022: The IBA Career Development Centre (CDC) organized a study tour to Karachi Port Trust for IBA students. The main objective of this excursion was to provide students knowledge about the maritime sector, career prospects and how Karachi Port Trust (KPT) works to uplift the economy of Pakistan.

Mr. Nader Mumtaz, Chairman, KPT; Brigadier Tariq Bashir, TI(M), General Manager Administration, KPT, and other General Managers oriented the students about ‘Blue Economy’ along with the functions of port and strategic planning to expand its operation. After the orientation, a Q/A session with the Chairman along with other prominent KPT officials ensued, in which the students discussed micro and macro level planning, operations, and projects to be initiated by the Govt of Pakistan to increase international trade. To provide practical exposure, a visit was arranged towards Hutchinson Terminal (SAPT) and Pakistan International Terminal (PICT), where students met the operational experts working in centralized control room and handling cargos using latest tools to manage the shipping traffic.

The students found this visit an excellent learning opportunity as it provided them an exposure of maritime sectors, its operations and a thorough knowledge of KPT activities.