CDC conducts a session on digital transformation

January 31, 2022: The IBA Career Development Centre (CDC) hosted an informative session as part of its 'Learning Hub' segment with the CEO and Managing Director, Systems Limited, Mr. Asif Peer on 'Digital Transformation is about Talent.' Students from different disciplines attended the session. Mr. Peer stated that digital transformation comprises of data, technology, processes, and flexibility to change. He analogized digital transformation with a machine where technology is the engine, data is the fuel, and the process provides a strong foundation for technology to function at its best. He added that people must learn and adapt to the new digital era.

The talk revolved around the fact that intelligent systems and their decision making depends on the data. One needs to practice caution to not lose data available at any customer touchpoints to leverage them and to provide customers an excellent experience. Digital transformations can be carried out by individuals who have the ability to learn and accept change.