Awareness for Fall 2021 admissions for undergraduate programs

The Marketing team from the IBA Karachi participated in various events in March 2021. The Credo Connect University Fair organized by Credo College, held on March 16, 2021, and the Rayden College AcadFest 2021, held on March 17, 2021, provided a great platform to interact in-person with potential applicants and brief them on the undergraduate programs on offer at the IBA Karachi. At each of these events, representatives from various other institutions were also present to help the students choose their career paths with care and consideration.

Being such a prestigious institution with a legacy of more than six decades, the IBA stall was one of the most crowded stalls at both events. With a cumulative footfall of 1,500+ students (Intermediate and A-Levels) from both events, the IBA team entertained students' queries pertaining to the SAT exemptions, financial assistance, and the essentials of all the UG programs.

The IBA Marketing Department conducted an information session with Army Public School on March 18, 2021 to brief the students on the various undergraduate programs and the life of a student at the IBA Karachi. With over 5 campuses in attendance, the session boasted more than 300 students from A-Levels and Intermediate, hailing from different social backgrounds. The presentation aimed to educate students regarding various aspects of life at the IBA, including studies, extra and co-curricular activities and campus life in general.

The students were thankful to the IBA team at each event as the interaction was both, informative and highly engaging at the same time, and provided much-needed information to help the students make informed decisions regarding their higher education prospects for the upcoming future.