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“I really enjoyed the social program. Our visit to the Governor's House was very well organized and I felt greatly honored for having the opportunity to meet the high honorable governor but also visiting the office of Quaid-e-Azam. Well done for arranging this and for all the efforts that went into organizing the conference!”

Dr Ahmad Jamal, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy, Cardiff University, UK

“A very stimulating and important conference. IBA should be applauded for this initiative and I look forward to its continued development and success, which I would be happy to support”.

Mr. Arif Hussain, Henley Business School

"I was curious to come to the IBA in Karachi and had good expectations as I knew Shahid Qureshi, but was still very surprised about the excellent speakers and presentations, the highly professional organization and above all about the warm welcome and guest-friendship of all people involved."

Dr. Klaus Heine,
Researcher, Technical University, Berlin, Germany

“Congratulations on organizing such a successful conference for the IBA ICM 2012! This impressive conference has set an extraordinary standard for international meetings, creating information value and interactions within a pleasant atmosphere. I was so greatly pleased to have discussion with many special personalities. It was an overwhelming experience. I look forward to the IBA ICM 2014.”

Professor Dr.Kriengsak Chareonwongsak: : Senior Fellow, Harvard University, Institute of Future Studies for Development, Thailand

“I enjoyed IBA ICM 2012 in karachi. The conference was a meeting of galaxy of scholars. The dinner at Governor’s house was well enjoyed. I was delighted as this was my first visit to Karachi.
The two-day international conference was participated by marketing experts of home and abroad. Prominent among them were senior marketing professors of USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Nepal, renowned professional experts, policymakers and many others. The organizing committee had taken every care to choose papers based on quality and merit through blind review. Scholars of home and abroad conducted the conference sessions and the discussants were drawn from highly qualified academicians, professional, marketing experts, students and the like. With participation from experts in the field of Marketing and its related areas, the conference provided an excellent opportunity for academic, executives, researchers, students and government officials to establish and enhance global interaction”.

Dr.Muhammad Solaiman, Supernumerary Professor, Department Of Marketing, University Of Chittagong, Bangladesh

“Many congratulations to you, Convener Yasmin Zafar, Huma Amir, Dr. Nishat, and the entire ICM committee for initiating and organizing such an outstanding conference, one of the best in my judgment. Being the first conference of its kind at IBA, I was highly impressed by the quality of the presentations and the distinguished guests that were present. It was wonderful to interact with many of the outstanding IBA faculty and students and to learn about their scholarly efforts, contributions to research, interests, and targeted goals. It was great to see the active role that IBA students were asked to play in moderating parts of the conference and the professionalism and confidence they exhibited in fulfilling their responsibilities. I also immensely enjoyed the invitation at the Governor's house, the cultural show, the fascinating visit to the State Bank of Pakistan's museum and the tour of Karachi. Everything was done with so much finesse and hospitality.
I would also like to take this opportunity to commend your vision and leadership at IBA. Since my last visit when you had just assumed office, I have noticed a sea of positive changes and developments at IBA and I wish you all the best in your vision to make it one of the top business schools globally.
Please let me know if there is any way that I can help in contributing to the goals of IBA”.

Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani, Professor of Marketing, Western Michigan University, USA

“IBAICM was a wonderful experience, a truly international conference with so many international delegates. The keynote speeches were very informative and inspiring; a lot was learnt about what is happening at global front in marketing. The dinner hosted at governor house was a gift, as we were able to visit Quaid’s office in the governor house. The faculty was hospitable and encouraging. I would definitely like to revisit IBA in 2014. I wish them best of luck for IBAICM 2014”.

Ms. Seema Arif, Director QEC, University of Central Punjab

“The IBA ICM 2012 conference was a great success; it gave me an opportunity to interact intellectually as well as socially with some of the best and the brightest in the fields of business and marketing from all over the world. The organizers were very hospitable and generous, we were taken care of from the first minute we set foot in Karachi, and I can say that my visit to the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi is one of the most memorable conferences that I have presented at”.

Dr. Wafica Ali Ghoul, Lebanese International University, Lebanon


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