Postdoctoral Research Associate at Karachi Urban Lab (KUL)

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Karachi Urban Lab (KUL)

Project: Cool Infrastructures: Life with Heat in the Off-Grid City

The Karachi Urban Lab (KUL) at IBA, is starting a new 3-year project that aims to enhance our understanding of the social and technical infrastructures for cooling in contexts of urban poverty in the urban Global South. Rising temperatures in rapidly growing cities make access to infrastructures for cooling a global challenge. The UN's 'Cooling for All' coalition estimates that 1.1 billion people worldwide have little or no access to cooling to protect them against extreme heat. Those defined as most at risk include an estimated 630 million people across South Asia, South East Asia and Sub Saharan Africa who live in poor quality housing on low incomes, with limited, intermittent or insecure access to electricity, water and transportation infrastructures, and few if any electrical cooling appliances. This research project aims to fill specific gaps in evidence and data on access to cooling across cities in India, Pakistan, Cameroon and Indonesia. The research design is organised around three main themes, each anchored in theoretical debates and bodies of academic scholarship: Heat, Gender & Inequality; Cool Infrastructure; Thermal Practices, Needs & Capacities. Additional information about the project may be found here: Information about KUL may be found at

The overall management of the Pakistan component of project will be led from the KUL, where a Postdoctoral Research Associate will work alongside KUL's diverse team. The Postdoctoral Research Associate's specialization should be in Anthropology. We welcome a Postdoctoral Research Associate who is interested in interdisciplinary research and has a demonstrated ability to work with others. He/she might be involved in PhD projects that look at the relationships between climate change, poverty, inequality; ethical questions; issues of urban/local/national governance; gender; sustainability or social change; and/or the impacts of urbanization and migration. The Fellow may be required to teach an undergraduate course, and expected to participate regularly in the events and activities of the KUL and the Social Sciences & Liberal Arts (SSLA) Department at IBA. We will accept applications from those who have recently earned a Ph.D. and are domiciled in Sindh. The KUL Postdoctoral Research Associate will receive a PKR 110,000 per month salary, all-inclusive based on a 32-months contract starting January 1st, 2021.

This position is funded through the support of the United Kingdom's Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). The GCRF supports cutting-edge research for addressesing the challenges faced by developing countries, and promoting disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, as well strengthening capacity for research, innovation and knowledge exchange. Information about the GCRF may be found here:

Please submit a cover letter, CV, 500-word description of a proposed course, brief (chapter or article-length) writing sample, 1,000 word description of PhD research project, transcripts and diplomas showing completion of the bachelor's and master's degrees, and contact information for three references by October 31st, 2020 for full consideration to