Undergraduate Programs

The IBA launched its Bachelor programs in Business Administration in 1982, conducted under the aegis of the Karachi University, these 3-year programs continued till 1994. Upon acquiring degree awarding status that year, the nomenclature, the bachelor programs was changed to bring it in consonance with international standards. The curricula of the bachelor level programs were also revised, and they became 3-year ‘Undergraduate Programs’. Later in 1999, to keep step with the universal bias of technology in higher studies, IBA launched its first BS programs to this end the BS (Computer Science) program was introduced. In 2002, in pursuit of making IBA undergraduate degrees compatible with international standards, all IBA undergraduate programs were upgraded as 4-year degree programs. Thereafter, cognizant of the growing demand for a diversified nature of studies; in 2012 and 2013, IBA introduced a series of BS Programs, including BS (Economics & Mathematics), BS (Social Sciences / Liberal Arts) & BS (Accounting and Finance), thus expanding the array of undergraduate qualifications and degrees available to its students. These offerings were augmented by incorporating student-conducted tutorials, projects and other initiatives leading to a highly satisfying experience under a credible faculty and insightful mentors.