Merit Scholarship Policy

All concerned are requested to please note and comply with these terms of reference in respect of the revised Merit Scholarships Policy.

  • Awarded to Freshmen - First Academic Year of Study: Merit scholarship is extended to candidates who have scored high marks at the IBA aptitude test and their names appear in the top 10% of the list of candidates and are admitted to the Regular Full Time Programs. The list of these candidates is published at the culmination of the admission process i.e. qualifying aptitude test, group discussion, and interview and providing proof of having met the minimum academic eligibility standards for the concerned program. These candidates will be entitled to avail a 50% reduction in their applicable tuition fees in their first academic year of study.

  • Awarded to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors on the Dean’s List: Those full time students of IBA regular programs whose names appear on the Dean’s List in the year 2 to year 4 would get merit scholarships equivalent to 50% of applicable tuition fees. The present criterion of maintaining 3.5 CGPA for merit scholarship in years 2 to 4 will no longer apply for continuation of Merit Scholarships starting from Fall 2016. Only those full time students in the year 2 to year 4 who are on the Dean’s List at the end of Spring Semester would be eligible for Merit Scholarship for next two semesters, i.e. Fall and Spring.

In case of any ambiguity, please feel free to contact Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, Financial Assistance Office, Finance Department, Main Campus Tel# 38104700 Ext. 2312.