Lunch hosted in honor of Dr. Ishrat Husain

Lunch hosted in honor of Dr. Ishrat Husain

December 2, 2018: The Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi arranged a lunch in honor of Chairman CEIF, Dr. Ishrat Husain. The lunch was arranged as a tribute to Dr. Husain’s contribution to Islamic finance, and the economy of Pakistan.

The lunch was preceded by addresses from Director CEIF, Mr. Ahmed Ali Siddiqui, Executive Director IBA, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Mr. Jameel Ahmad and Chairman CEIF, Dr. Hussain. The event was moderated by Program Director MS Islamic Banking and Finance (IBF), IBA, Dr. Irum Saba.
The lunch was attended by over 80 senior professionals from the SBP and the financial industry. The first speaker, Mr. Siddiqui highlighted Dr. Husain’s valuable contribution as the Chairman CEIF. He mentioned that the postgraduate program in IBF currently offered at CEIF was Dr. Husain’s brainchild. Mr. Siddiqui cordially thanked Dr. Husain for his support and contribution to Islamic Finance and CEIF. He also thanked Pak-Qatar Takaful for sponsoring this event.

Dr. Iqbal began his address by mentioning that Dr. Husain is an inspiration for many. He mentioned that after taking his role as Executive Director at the IBA, he valued the contributions of Dr. Husain to the institute deeply. He admired Dr. Husain’s pivotal role in transformation of first the SBP and then IBA.

Mr. Ahmad highlighted Dr. Husain’s contribution in the transformation of the SBP. He appreciated Dr. Husain’s clarity of vision, sense of focus, commitment, and dedication which led to the establishment of National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) and other subsidiaries at the SBP.

Dr. Husain in his concluding address said that he is humbled by the presence and efforts of all guests and organizers. Dr. Husain mentioned that the MS IBF program serves the purpose of acquainting the students with deep and thorough knowledge of Islamic Finance and enables them to be industry leaders. He emphasized on IBA’s efforts to hire great talent to sustain the reputation that the IBA graduates have in the industry. He expressed his desire to see the market share of Islamic banking industry to grow to 50% of the total banking industry. Lastly, he thanked SBP for their generous support for CEIF. Dr. He also announced the CEIF Endowment Fund and urged everyone to contribute and take it as an investment that will reap benefits in the near future.

The session was concluded as Mr. Said Gul (Managing Director, Pak-Qatar Takaful), Dr. Iqbal and Mr. Ahmad presented Dr. Husain with a memento.