IBA Faculty


IBA has 116 full time and 183 part time and visiting faculty members teaching courses in Management, Marketing, HR, Strategy, Finance, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Organizational Behavior, Computer Sciences, Ethics, Social Sciences, Chinese, Arabic. The faculty is drawn from two streams i.e. academic and practice. Academic faculty mostly consists of those holding Doctorate or Master's degrees from well reputed universities while the faculty in practice draws upon the large reservoirs of top leaders, chief executives, senior managers who are and have been associated with the corporate sector.

This blend of faculty ensures academic rigor as well as practical relevance in the design and delivery of courses at IBA. Academic faculty members are engaged in research and writing professional papers, advising companies and organizing training courses for the industry, public sector etc. A variety of pedagogical tools is deployed at the Institute ranging from lectures, class participation, case studies, research reports, company visits to equip the students.