The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) has two faculties Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) and Faculty of Computer Science (FCS). FBA consists of five departments namely Accounting & Law, Economics & Finance, Management, Marketing and Social Sciences whereas FCS contains two departments Computer Science & MIS and Mathematical Sciences. All of these departments are headed by experienced and dedicated chairpersons who are eminent in their fields. They develop and maintain a curriculum which is updated regularly, based on the continual changes in the dynamic business world. The departments continuously assist the administration in their efforts to develop their current faculty, and to expand to create diverse and competent faculty pools, which make IBA one of the most reputable institutions in Pakistan today.


Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)
Dept of Accounting and Law
Dept of Economics & Finance
Dept of Management
Dept of Marketing
Dept of Social Sciences

Faculty of Computer Science (FCS)
Dept of Computer Science
Dept of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Accounting and Law


Department of Accounting is an integral part of the degree and non-degree programs at the IBA. The accounting program offers courses in the graduate and undergraduate programs and prepares students for careers such as the independent practice of public accounting, controllership, and general accounts management.

This Department is a source of quality accounting education and research and is committed to achieving excellence in the development, and application of financial and managerial accounting, knowledge about the functioning of private, public and not-for-profit organizations in a global environment.

The teaching mission of the Department of Accounting is to produce outstanding graduates by offering comprehensive, state-of-the-art educational programs. It seeks to provide students with unique opportunities for personal and professional growth by increasing their competence and improving their skills for learning, analyzing, and critical thinking. The department aims to prepare the students for stewardship function in the organizations they work for. It also organizes an annual faculty workshop in the methods of teaching of accounting.


Department of Economics and Finance


The objective of the Department of Economics and Finance is to provide the curriculum and environment that fosters development of effective practitioners and scholars.

The Department offers specialization in finance and in Banking. The primary objective of the specialization is to develop knowledgeable and capable executives for key positions in the Financial Services Sector.

This Department provides a sound educational experience to students, which develops critical thinking abilities in economics, banking and finance. The conveyance of knowledge through formal course work and formal mentoring and counseling is the foremost objective of the Department. These efforts are enhanced by continuous involvement in the development and dissemination of improved instructional material and methods.


This has proven to be a solid foundation for individuals who have gone directly to the work force in financial services sector or business financial management. The Department has also provided a strong background for those who have decided to continue their education in graduate business and other professional fields.

The Economics and finance Department has a strong internationally trained & recognized faculty. Besides the regular faculty, many adjunct faculty members with foreign degrees and rich professional experience also teach courses in the department.


Department of Management


The Department of Management supports teaching and research in the areas of Human resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, and Organization Theory. Our MBA concentrations in Human Resource Management prepare Maters' students for tomorrow's management challenges. Our faculty is widely acknowledged as being leaders in research in areas such as employee training and development, team decision-making and effectiveness, and strategy formulation and implementation.

Faculty members work with businesses in the region as consultants and advisors, to strengthen competitive effectiveness and improve managerial understanding of organizational processes and performance. What we learn as researchers and advisors shapes what we teach in the classroom, producing an educational experience that is grounded in reality and forward-looking in emphasis.

The department offers Masters in Business Administration wit a major / specialization in Human resource Management. BBA-MBA program students are required to take eight elective courses of HRM. BMA (direct) program students are required to take four elective courses. Students are also allowed to opt for a bi-major in which they may combine HRM electives with marketing or finance electives. MIS & CS students can also take HR electives within the allowed limit for the business courses.

The department consists of 12 full-time faculty members, with a number of them having postgraduate qualifications form prestigious universities abroad. The department also invites senior professionals from the business and industry to conduct courses as visiting faculty. Most of them hold senior managerial positions and have foreign qualifications. The faculty at the department is engaged in wide range of research and publication activities as well as presenting and participating in national and international conferences. The department also supervises 10-12 seminars organized by various student societies every year.


Department of Marketing


Marketing is one of the important activities a business organization has to undertake. Marketers have to do two things; serve the customers and innovate. Marketing however is too important to be left to the marketing department alone, the whole organization must be geared towards marketing. In this way all other departments serve as support functions to marketing.

We in marketing department help create this strong customer focus in our graduates. Strictly speaking marketing is one and cannot be separated into parts. For the sake of convenience we have areas of concentration starting with required basic courses and electives. We take students from the basic level to the highest conceptual areas and philosophy of marketing. In all courses, maximum benefit is derived from the real world practitioners working in the corporate sector.


As most of the course material is foreign, main challenge of faculty is to localize it through their practical experience and judgment. Foreign and local cases are used extensively to inculcate effective decision-making in marketing matters.


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

The objective of the Department of Social sciences is to enable students in making analytical connections between social theory and managerial policy, in order to make clear, informed and consistent reasoning in the articulation and presentation of ideas.

The department is committed to provide students with an overall understanding of the basic sciences in order to make them aware of the social environment, to help them to become better managers.

The grouping of scholars at the department is from diverse social science disciplines such as Anthropology, Archaeology, History, International Relations, Language, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Science & Technology and Sociology.


Department of Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems; their theory, design, development, and application. Principal areas within computer science studies include management information systems, artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, and theory of computing.

The department of Computer Science offers learning through a large number of courses supplemented by researching artificial intelligence, software engineering, analysis, computer systems, databases, and data communications.

Its highly qualified regular faculty, supplemented by professional visitors, is responsible for teaching the courses for the computer science majors. The graduates are hired for IT related careers in industry, government, and education, sometimes after post-graduate study.

Programs offered by this Center are BS (Computer Science), MS (Computer Science), and PhD in areas of Data Science, Information Retrieval, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, and Algorithms.


Department of Mathematical Sciences

The year 2010/11 witnessed some exciting developments in the Faculty of Computer Science. Perhaps the biggest change was the creation of the new Department of Mathematical Sciences. It complements the existing Department of Computer Science and MIS by strengthening its quantitative base which is critical for research and teaching for all the programs of the IBA and especially so for the Computer Science programs.