IBA Zakat Committee

Guidelines on Zakat

(1) Constitution Committee

It is submitted that, in compliance to the orders passed by honorable High Court of Sindh, Circuit Court Hyderabad, the following IBA Zakat Committee was notified by the IBA Karachi, vide Registrar Office Notification No. GS/1-2/2017(SO-HE)/70 Karachi, dated: 7th February, 2017, for providing assistance on account of Zakat to the deserving students of IBA Karachi.

1) Moid Sultan
Director Finance
2) Dr. M Shahid Qureshi
Program Director CED & Assistant Professor Management
3) Nominated Member of District Zakat Ushr Committee Member
4) Chairman/Nominated member of TZUC Member
5) Tanveer Ahmed
Assistant Manager (Financial Aid)

The above IBA Zakat Committee shall recommend the cases of deserving students for financial assistance on account of Zakat, to the concerned districts as per Sindh Zakat Disbursement Procedure, approved by Sindh Zakat Council and circulated by Auqaf, Religious Affairs Department, Government of Sindh.

(2) Useful information is available at Student Financial Aid Office and IBA Website & Portal.

Students are eased with online registration system, available at http://iba.edu.pk. The Deserving students get registered and take computerized filled copy of application form for signatures of the concerned divisions.