Why IBA?

Six Decades of Excellence

IBA has a very rich history starting back in 1955 when it was founded with the help of Wharton School of Business and Finance. Later IBA received technical assistance from the University of Southern California as it continued to grow and diversity its course offerings. Thus without any doubt IBA has been able to produce more business leaders, opinion makers, top tier executives and entrepreneurs than all the other business schools in Pakistan combined. We have the most rigorous and demanding selection criteria, which help us find the brightest young minds in the country. With a generous financial support for deserving students, no student has ever been denied admission based on inability to pay our fees. IBA actively seeks out capable students from across the country via the National Talent Hunt Program and the Sindh Talent Hunt Program.

Become part of the Largest Alumni Network in Pakistan

Our graduates have access to the largest alumni network in the country, which has branches in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Our graduates have reached not only the top positions in the corporate sector, but also in the public domain. We have the honor of being the only business school to have produced a Prime Minister and President of Pakistan, cementing our reputation as an institution which excels in providing global leadership. Currently 13 of the top MNCs in Pakistan are being led by graduates of IBA.


The IBA campus is equipped with full sized cricket ground, football field, basketball court, tennis courts, indoor badminton courts and a state of the art gym. There are common rooms for students to work and the entire campus is centrally air-conditioned. Thus your children will be able to not only develop their professional abilities, but also keep active and physically fit during their stay at IBA.