Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance Summer 2016 (July 3 - 15, 2016)


Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of China's financial markets, including banking, securities, insurance, funds, and other sectors. Unique and in-depth lectures will be provided by a combination of Tsinghua faculties, policymakers from the government and industry elites with extensive experience at top financial entities.

Study trips to financial institutions will be arranged to give attendees first-hand information regarding how markets function in China and how China's unique business environment has influenced the financial industry.

In addition, the program offers an opportunity to become immersed in the wealth of history and culture that can only be found in China. Attendees will explore Beijing, the nation's capital city with over three thousand years of history and a vibrant metropolis that is gaining importance as a financial center.

Cultural events and sightseeing tours will allow the attendees to experience the real China, one of the most dynamic and promising economies in today's world.

Each attendee will be awarded a program certificate by Tsinghua PBCSF upon completion.

Tsinghua PBCSF Experience:

The summer program attracts talented students from all over the world. Motivated young individuals who want to know the real China, along with PBCSF's own outstanding students, form a diverse student body.

Group work is highly encouraged. Your fellow attendees will work with you on projects and reports, contributing ideas to an active learning environment.

The summer program attracts around 50-70 attendees from leading universities or colleges around the world every year such as Brown University, Cornell University, Imperial College London, Macquarie University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, University of Oxford, etc. They, together with Tsinghua students, enjoy 2 weeks of study and fun at Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance.

A Typical Day's Schedule:

A typical day in the Tsinghua PBCSF Summer Program consists of lectures from 9:30 to 11:30 am, and corporate visits or cultural events from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. 2 days are reserved for sightseeing in the capital city of Beijing.


Each lecture is given by a Tsinghua professor, a prominent policymaker from the government, or an industry elite with extensive experience at top financial entities.

Fees & Payments:

Application fee (non-refundable): ¥600 (US$100)

Program fee (including room and board, lectures, events, and program-oriented domestic transportation):¥9600 (US$1600)

Applications will not be considered prior to payment of application fee. The program fee does not cover airfares, cost of health insurance, visa application or any other expenditure incurred during your stay in China.

Scholarship from PCBSF:

We encourage students of varied backgrounds to apply for the program by offering program scholarships.

A grant will cover the full program fee, but not including the application fee. The scholarship applicants will be asked to submit an essay online and upload your university transcript.

Health Insurance:

Attendees should purchase a health insurance policy that covers all medical and hospital costs during your stay in China before arriving in Beijing. You will be asked to provide proof of insurance coverage on the first day of registration.

Application Documents:

All applications will be submitted through the Summer Program Online Application System. You will be asked to provide your personal information, submit essays, and upload the following materials as part of the application:

1. CV/Résumé
2. Scanned copy of application fee receipt
3. Scanned copy of valid passport (photo page)
4. Scanned copy of a current student ID
5. University transcript (for scholarship applicants)