The revival of Pakistani Cinema: Moor, Jami & a full house at IBA


November 1, 2015- Students at IBA had been overjoyed at the opportunity to meet film director Jamshed Mahmood Raza, popularly known as Jami, who arranged for a movie screening of his recent film 'Moor'. The Gani & Tayub Auditorium was full even before the show time and Mr. Jami seemed quite happy while addressing the eager audience.

Before the screening began, Mr. Jami gave a short introduction of the movie. 'Moor', which means mother in Pashto; hit cinemas in Pakistan on August 14, 2015. Since its release, the movie has been credited with the revival of Pakistani cinema. It was selected to premiere at 20th Busan International Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Pakistani entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.

'Audiences have been moved not only by the haunting beauty of Balochistan captured in the movie, but also by its intense storyline of loss and betrayal and its excellent performances.' – The News

'This breathtaking emotional journey not only highlights the lost livelihood in Balochistan but also gives us hope that Pakistani cinema will not only be taken as an extension of Bollywood.' – Express Tribune


After the screening, a short question & answer round followed which the students took as an opportunity to share their views and their queries with Mr. Jami. When asked about his inspiration for the movie, Mr. Jami confessed that it had been the anger at the killings of Hazaara. Interestingly enough, the students compared the success of Moor with that of movies like 'Yeh Jawani hai Diwani' which were proving to be more profitable for their producers. In response to their concern that whether there is a chance that he will eventually be led into making such movies for the sake of profit, Mr. Jami stated that he was 'not interested in making money'.

On being asked whether he had deliberately referenced Axact in his movie, he replied that he had and that there is 'no time for delicacies'. Mr. Jami took time to explain to the students the difficulties his team faced in the production of Moor. The fear of Taliban, language barriers and the extreme weather were some of the problems he mentioned.

Read below what the students of IBA had to say about the movie:

'The characters Wahidullah Khan and Baggoo were played very well. Baggoo managed to portray his naivety in all his scenes even when he was having the heart to heart "this station is my bride" conversation with Wahid.' – Maheba Nasim (BBA)

'A beautiful movie and a great reminder for the people who've forgotten the hard work of the workers associated with Pakistan Railway.' – Khalid Omar Sherwani (BS SSLA)

'Watching Moor reminded me of how forgotten Balochistan as a province is and its breathtaking beauty.. not to mention that the Pakistani Film Industry has come a long way.' – Maaz Hasan (BS CS)

The event ended upon a good note as Dr. Framji presented a token of appreciation to Mr. Jami. We are thankful to Dr. Framji, Ms. Huma Baqai, Capt. (Rtrd.) Zaheer Ahmed and Mr. Jami for giving us an amazing opportunity.