IBA Sports Society - Launch


Girls Sports Society and Boys Sports Society were co-launched as IBA Sports Society on 13 October 2015. The main event took place in the Cricket ground.

Around 12 o clock, ceremony began where both Girls sports Society and Boys Sport society revealed the logo for the upcoming mega-event i.e. 'The IBA Sports Olympiad'.

The launch comprised of a number of fun-filled activities; Soap Soccer, Sumo Wrestling, Arms Wrestling, and Water balloon fight were the four major games played throughout the day. All games were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Soap Soccer, however, was the heart of the event.

Two fields were set up and around 50 teams (consisting 6 members each) signed up. This was a houseful show. If time could have been extended, there might have been even more matches. Soap soccer had a ticket of Rs 150 per person.


For all the winning teams our Sponsor, Pizza Today, arranged a surprise lucky draw and 10 of them got free pizzas that left them delighted.

Remarks and Comments from participants:

Final Year Student: I have never seen such a great launch of sports society in all these four years.

Junior Year Student: This launch should not be happening in the cricket ground, it's very hot outside.

Sophomore Student: Last year, soap soccer was fun, but this time it is fun plus properly managed. Last time our game started very late and I missed my shuttle.

Freshmen Year Student: I am really looking forward to other launches. This one has set a benchmark.

Co-operation and management:
Everyone in the panel had their contributions in making this event a success. Since two societies were coming together for a launch, there was a need of intra and inter –society communication. No such communication gaps occurred and this good communication was evident from the smooth launch.

Management responsibilities were equally divided to avoid any grievances. For example, BSS took responsibility of printing tickets and girls were responsible for selling it.

In the event day itself, all the panel members marked their presence and worked as per the instructions by their respective managers.