Session on Social Media Marketing-Viral Campaigns

Session on Social Media Marketing-Viral Campaigns

"A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is - it is what the customers tell each other it is." - Scott Cook

Such is the power of word-of-mouth; it may make or break a brand. The way people communicate has gone through various changes over the last decade or two, with the advent of the digital age. Gone are the days when people would linger around each other's houses, gossip about what's trending and occasionally, share views/experiences of the latest brands consumed. We now, live in times when we are closer to our gadgets than to our friends and family.

Suffering from FOMO, fear of missing out (a term coined by JWT Asiatic for the millenials), we stay glued to our laptop screens and count on it to keep us updated about everything that is going around, hence giving rise to social media.

Keeping this importance of Social Media in mind, Mrs. Wajeeha Khan and Mr. Jami Moiz, organized a guest speaker session for the students of Social Media Marketing and Marketing Management. This session was conducted by a team from Kueball Digital and included Mr. Shoaib Shamsi, Partner at Kueball, Mr. Amir Haleem, CEO at Kueball, and Ms. Faiza Zafar, Editor-in-Chief of, a content hosting platform developed by Kueball.

Mr. Shoaib started the session with a brief introduction about Kueball which is a full service digital partner and gave us some interesting figures about internet consumption in Pakistan and the increasing number of social media users. According to the research conducted by their team, there are currently 29.13 million users of internet in Pakistan out of which 23 million are active social media users. This alone is sufficient to highlight the importance of social media and the potential that it has for brands. With minimal cost attached, social media marketing can do wonders, be it for established brands, new products or even ordinary people, provided it is done in the right manner!

With his 27 years of experience in the field of advertising, Mr. Amir Haleem took the discussion a step further by talking about the 5 steps that make campaigns viral; making it visual, planning the message, working on the emotions, knowing your audience and keeping the message simple. Within these five steps, he shed some light on the international and local case studies which were either highly successful or failed miserably due to the concepts they utilized on the social media platform. There was also an open debate on the brand war between Lipton and Tapal Danedaar that went viral recently and how smartly other brands used this opportunity to market their message and build recall.

Building upon this discussion, Ms. Faiza spoke about the significance of good content in the times of social media and also explained how difficult it has become for content to break through the clutter. She further presented a small case study of the phenomenal growth of her brainchild,, a platform that publishes content aimed at younger audiences in Pakistan by, in many cases, the youth of the country that needs a place to voice their views.

The session as followed by an active question and answer session which helped address a number of queries the students had regarding social media marketing and viral campaigns. It was indeed a pleasure to have experts on board who shared valuable insights with the students.