Seminar On Imam Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S)

Seminar On Imam Hussain Ibne Ali
Seminar On Imam Hussain Ibne Ali


The above mentioned verses are Josh Malihabadi’s powerful verses which express how the sacrifice of Imam Hussain is not restricted or limited to any religion or sect, it is an example for all times to come across borders and religions. The purpose was and still is that there are immense lessons from Imam Hussain ibn e Ali's experience that can be imparted in a university setting in general and in a business management school in particular to hone the leadership, management, and governance skills of all our junior and senior scholars alike so as to be able to make an impact on country's business and socio-economic life at both the micro and macro levels.

It is the parallels between the Divine lessons---theoretical and applied--- and modern management teachings that need to be understood/appreciated so as to apply the same with ownership, commitment, and conviction to eventually effect a transformation for the better in the national landscape.

This Seminar series is a small attempt at showing the big picture to our current and future practitioners.

The event started with the recitation of a Verse of Holy Quran followed by a speech by Vice President ISC, Fariz Ahmed. The event’s esteemed guests were Allama Shahnshah Hussain Naqvi, Allama Mohsin Naqvi, Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Naqshbandi, Mr Atam Prakash Chainani, Mr Vir Jay Mahraj. Mr Atam Prakash was the first speaker. He explained the detailed history of how the Hindu religion connects its ties with Imam Hussain and the event of Karbala. He introduced us to the ‘Hussaini Brahmans’ who are living across different parts of Pakistan, India and Arabia. They are descendants of the Hussaini Brahmans’ who had sent a contingent of troops to fight alongside Imam Hussain in Karbala. Mr Atam also mentioned how his community has helped and works with different organisations in order to bring people together and share their pain.

Mr Vir Jay Mahraj furthered it by emphasising on teachings from the Hindu scripture Geeta and incidents from Guru Nanak’s life where he spoke about how truth always overpowers falsehood and despite having fewer people on its side, always leaves a deeper mark in the hearts of people.

Seminar On Imam Hussain Ibne Ali

Mr Bilal Azhari recited a Naat. Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Naqshbandi spoke about the tension b/w good and evil that has raged in all times. For example, of Pharoah and Hazrat Musa, Nimrood and Hazrat Ibrahim and Yazeed and Imam Hussain.

Qatal-e-Hussain Asal Mein Marg-e-Yazeed Hai,
Islam Zinda Hota Hai, Har Karbala Ke Baad….!

Allama Mohsin Naqvi highlighted the message that the incident of Karbala teaches us. The message is the Message of Islam: humanity, peace and, justice. It is the message that inspired all of humanity with Divinity. Imam Hussain’s revolution was aimed at saving the people from corruption, humiliation, and ignorance. The reason behind Imam Hussain’s revolution as stated by him was to save the Islamic Sharia (law) and Prophet’s Sunnah (tradition). He led the revolution to uphold the rights and dignity of humankind and revitalize the ethical code which was targeted by Yazid

Ghani and Tayyab Auditorium of IBA Main Campus was then spiritually enlightened by the beautiful verses of the kalaam “Karbala Muntazir e ma’ast” delivered by Shuja Rizvi.

Followed by the break for Namaz e Asr, the event was graced by the arrival of Allama Shahnshah Hussain Naqvi who, despite his ill health, came to deliver his generous knowledge to the students. He spoke about Islam being the religion that focuses on the role of the individual rather than appearance. He mentioned about his continuous interaction amongst different religious communities which in itself is an example that Imam Hussain’s message was for humanity as a whole. He emphasised on acquiring knowledge and education by researching and asking scholars so that youth are in a better position to work together as individuals for the betterment of humanity.

Speeches were followed by a spirited Question and Answer session which marked the end of a very successful event. Guest speakers were presented with tokens of appreciation by the Dean & Director of IBA, Dr Farrukh Iqbal who presided over the Seminar. The audience were given refreshments sponsored by United King.

Seminar On Imam Hussain Ibne Ali