Seminar in Market Research

Seminar in Market Research

Seminar in Market Research by IBA Marketing Club in Collaboration with Marketing Research Society of Pakistan

On April 12, 2016, the IBA Marketing Club conducted a Seminar in market research in collaboration with Marketing Research Society of Pakistan (MRSP). The Seminar was conducted for the first time in IBA and it was able to meet everyone's expectations. Behind the success of the seminar was the constant support of Miss Nazeeha Hussain (former executive council member of MRSP), Mr. Jami Moiz (patron of IBA Marketing Club), Mr Sajid Manzoor, , Miss Saima Qamar (former Vice president of MRSP), and tireless efforts of Mr. Umar Farooq (Manager-IMC), Sakina Tahir (EC member-IMC), and Munazza Ilyas.

The objective of the Seminar was to explain the scope of market research in Pakistan, how research is conducted, what are the measures used, and how the results can be analysed. Before the Seminar, registration was carried out where the attendees were given ID cards. They were also given the opportunity to interact with key companies operating in research like McKinsey, Nielsen, Iris Communication, MRB Global & IPSOS, etc.

The Seminar was initiated with Introduction and Qirrat. This was followed by the first guest speaker session by Ms Mariam Wazirzada who is the former Vice president of MRSP and currently the Managing Partner of Iris Communication. She carried out an interactive session discussing qualitative research, when to use it, how to do this research and why it is significant. The guest speaker session was highly enjoyed by the audience.

Seminar in Market Research

The second speaker session was about quantitative research and it was conducted by Mr. Ahmer Rasheed, the Managing Director of Marketmatics. Mr. Rasheed explained the numerous testing methods and insights about quantitative research. This was followed by the a session by Mr. Razzak Abdul Yousaf, the Director Consumer insights from AC Nielsen. Mr Razzak talked about continuous research and how it is conducted at Nielsen, the biggest market research company of Pakistan. This was followed by an insightful video which highlighted the market research in today's world.

The next session was by Mr Mohtashim Abbasi, the Consumer Market Index head from Unilever. Mr. Mohtashim told the students about careers in market research, its scope in today's world, and why it is valuable in today's world.

After the interactive sessions, a panel discussion was carried out in which the students asked numerous questions from the guest speakers. In the end, award distribution ceremony was conducted where the guests and management team members were given token of appreciation for their contribution to an excellent seminar at IBA.